Online piracy is a very real and very valid concern for creators and owners of digital media.  Widespread and rampant file sharing can have a devastating effect on your ability to distribute and monetize your creative work, as copyright law intends.

With access to a growing number of websites that allow users to share your content for their own profit, online pirates may currently be devaluing the very work that you have invested your time and money to create.

Piracy Pitbull aims to help you solve the daunting task of monitoring the Internet for copyright infringement and removing pirated content from unauthorized locations.  Even websites that you may have never considered are monitored by Piracy Pitbull: sharing forums, torrent websites, image boards and more. We’ve made it our business to infiltrate the less savory parts of the Internet, where most infringements occur, and take away infringing uploads as quickly as they are shared.

Our goal is simple: to make your online venture more profitable by removing unauthorized instances of your original content, freeing your time to allow you to do what you do best – create.  Check out our affordable removal packages to put the brakes on the illegal use of your work!


Piracypitbull is a boutique copyright infringement location and removal service. Simply put, we search for violations of you copyrighted creations and send the requisite notifications to have them removed.








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