For content creators and websites with a high volume piracy problem, we manually search through a vast network of sharing sites/forums/blogs/image-dumps to locate and remove your shared website content. This painstaking process yields accurate results and we provide you with a report listing all removed content.

Contact Piracy Pitbull for a custom quote that addresses your specific needs.  Be sure to include your website name and, if available, any known websites that currently or regularly infringe on your copyrights.  We will reply back to you with a quote for our professional removal services.

PiracyPitbull Locate-and-Remove Services
DMCA - EUCD Reporting
Removal Report
Confirmation of Removal
Ticket System
Escalation Where Necessary (host/registrar reporting)
Tube Site Custom Monitoring
Image Hosting Sites Custom Monitoring
Torrent Site Custom Monitoring
Sharing Forums/Boards Custom Monitoring
Blogs & Social Networking Custom Monitoring
Cyber Locker Custom Monitoring


In addition to our comprehensive locate-and-remove services, we also offer cost-effective custom quotes that focus on piracy issues with a narrow focus (e.g., limited to tube sites), or one-time removals. 

Each removal period includes two hours focused search and content removal in a singular area of your choosing, with report detailing what was sent and removed over that period. This is ideal for websites that know where their content is being infringed but are overwhelmed with the amount of the infringement and the time it would take to harvest the links and report to the website or host via DMCA/EUCD.

PiracyPitbull Focused removals
2 hours minimum DMCA/EUCD removals focused in an individual area of your choosing (the timeframe can be increased):
Google serps removals (for when websites pirating your content show in Google serps out ranking your own website).
Tube sites
Torrent sites
Image/photo dump (imagefap etc)
Specific sharing forums
Cyberlocker search engines
Escalation Where Necessary (host/registrar reporting)
Removal Report detailing successful removals will be sent approx 5 days later.

Contact Piracy Pitbull to discuss removals in a focused area of your choosing.




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